Webinar: Registration and Employment for Internationally-Educated Physiotherapists coming to Canada

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Information session for Internationally-Educated Physiotherapists coming to Canada.

Learn the requirements and steps to becoming Registered as a Physiotherapist in Canada and receiving potential job offers.

    • Registration for Physiotherapists in Canada
      • Credentialing Process and Timelines
      • Physiotherapy Competency Examinations (PCE) 
      • Estimated Costs 
      • Language Requirements
      • Employment Opportunities
      • Covid-19 Updates


    Migrating is not a simple decision and it is even less so if you don't have the right advice. It is surely one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, for you and for your family. That is why we not only guide you in the process to becoming Registered as a Physiotherapist in Canada, we also guide you and assist with job offers and what your life will be like once you settle here.